Serie TR400

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The remote control that everyone knows

The TR400 range is a simple but robust range of industrial remote controls that has a long history in different industrial sectors. It has a robust housing, ON/OFF button and mechanical pushbuttons that guarantee countless hours of use.

This range is made up of remotes that can control from 2 to 12 movements with a single control of reduced weight and size. Each button on the remote control is associated with an output on the receiver, which will be activated as long as the button is pressed.

Its design and assembly allows us to easily provide after-sales service and maintenance over the years. It also makes it possible to manufacture equipment adapted to the customer's needs.

It is more than tested

It is the product that has been on the market for the longest time and we know what it is capable of withstanding, experience speaks for itself. The TR400 is ready for daily work in any industrial application, which also has our technical service that guarantees that you will always have your Tarso equipment working.

True, it is not waterproof like the  Nova series but it is still a rugged remote control that will stand up to industrial wear and tear; do not worry, a little rain or dropping will not damage it.

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Always up to date

Just because it has been on the market for many years does not mean it has not been updated. We like to keep our products tecnologically up to date and submit them to design and manufacturing revisions.

We know how important the availability of spare parts and the maintenance of equipment is, that is why we invest in the modernisation of our materials and manufacturing processes, which allow us to supply over the years, even products that were manufactured almost 15 years ago.

Although we continue to offer spare parts, it may be that over the years there are materials that have been discontinued and your product does not look like the pictures on the website. Don't worry, if we supply the replacement it will work.

We are grateful

We have received an incentive from the Innovation and Development Agency of Andalusia IDEA, 80% co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund.

The aid has been used to acquiere process equipment and intangible assets for the manufacture of our products, with the aim of achieving a more competitive business network.

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