Nova 6 toggle movement transmitter and receiver

Specific features
Number of movements: 6
 Number of function pushbuttons: 6
Protected control screen printing: numbers

START: safety switch-on of the control after 1,5 minutes + service output
STOP: stops any active function of the receiver + switch off the control unit

Toggle functionality
The outputs of the receiver remain active after pressing a pushbutton, remaining active until the same pushbutton is pressed again
 Each pushbutton of the remote is linked to only one output of the receiver
The remote doesn't have automatic switch off feature 

Easy use
Logo Demo
On button
Off button
LED light
VCC range
10A load

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    General details


    It is undoubtedly of industrial quality. It has been designated for the durability and robusteness required in the industrial sector. We have carefully chosen the materials and components so that the equipment offers superior quality. It is not only the product that is of quality but the whole company, as confirmed by our ISO 9001 certificate.


    This is an E9 product, which means that it is certified for use in the demanding automotive sector. This certification should always be sought before purchasing a product to be installed in a vehicle because of the safety and high standards involved. It meets the most stringent tests to obtain the seal of approval.


    Our manufacturing process has been optimised to minimise waste and the generation of packaging; what we do generate, we recycle. The circuits comply with the RoHS regulation, which implies manufacturing without substances that are harmful to the environment and people. We regularly obtain our ISO 14001 certificate.

    European Certificate

    The product is certified for sale in the European Union. Our commitment to quality ensures that we make product revisions and recertifications in the updates that come out in the regulations. EMC compatibility, radio frequency, human exposure and electrical safety standards are met.


    Our remote control is smart and multi-frequency. Both concepts combined results in a robust an powerful system in charge of managing the link between transmitter and receiver. Forget any interference and start working with several controls simultaneously in the same place.


    The system we have developed provides encryption of the signal emitted by each control. Each remote is manufactured with a unique ID or code that is generated by a complex algorithm that ensures that each receiver only responds to the commands of the remote to which is linked.

    Easy to use

    The system is multi-frequency, the signal is encrypted and the IDs are generated by a complex algorithm, but best of all, our products are very easy to use. All you have to do is power up the receiver and start working, we have already set it all up for you. 


    The remote control unit is approved for installation in vehicles, as well as in other industrial applications. The equipment is designed not to interfere with other control units as our product respects other electronic systems without interfering with them.

    Technical details

    General characteristics of the remote

    Dimensions and weight


    154gr (batteries included)

    Power supply and consumption

    2 AA alkaline batteries

    0,4µA at standby and 20mA at RF transmission

    Signal range

    100 metres without obstacles 

    It influences the workplace and installation

    IP67 waterproof

    Protection against dust

    Protection against water

     IK10 Impact resistance

    Withstands impacts from objects or falls

    Impact resistance of 20 joules of energy 

    Stainless steel screws

    The screws that close the control are made of stainless steel

    The screws are embedded and protected with a plug  


    Manufactured on a protective rubber for a better grip

    The radio control does not slide on flat surfaces

    Long-lasting pushbuttons

    Externally they are made of durable screen-printed rubber

    Internally they are made of 5 million cycle durability pushbuttons

    LED lighting

    Specific illumination to indicate transmission status 

    Ilumination to indicate when the controller is switched off and when the battery is low 

     General characteristics of the receiver

    Dimensions and weight

    All receivers are 85mm high and 48mm thick

    Width and weight vary according to the number of functions 

    Power supply and consumption

    Power supply range 6VDC to 32VDC

    35mA (12V) or 20mA (24V) consumption for each output

    Work load

    The maximum working current for each output is 10 amps

    The total current delivered by the receiver shall be 10 amperes 

    IP67 waterproof

    Protection against dust

    Protection against water

     IK09 Impact resistance 

    Withstands impacts from road objects and tools

    Impact resistance of 10 joules of energy 

    Stainless steel screws

    The screws that close the remote are made of stainless steel

    They are embedded in the plastic for added protection

    Fire protection

    Classification UL94 V0 in flammability standard 

    Fire extinguishes in 10 seconds without dripping

    Internal relays

    The receiver has one safety relay and one relay per output

    The relays have a durability of 10 million cycles 


    Internal protection by electronic systems and fuse

    Overvoltage and short-circuit protection

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